Innovative portable electric tools designed for professionals in agriculture

The LEA 30.s tying tool and the SAM 25 cordless secateurs are used by many professional growers for a variety of activities: vineyards, tree plantations and fruit tree orchards (kiwi, raspberry, apple, etc.), irrigation, tree and bush pruning, and training.

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Customer testimonials

It’s an excellent tool which enables users to boost efficiency and reduce production costs.

Roger (UK)

The LEA 30.s enabled us to use biodegradable ties instead of the plastic ones proposed for other tools

José (Spain)

We tested the technical configurator in February and bought five LEA 30.s systems. Now we have eleven of them. A tremendously efficient tool.

Hugo (Portugal)

Fantastic tool, using the LEA 30.s we could train 250 cherry trees in a day instead of 60 previously.

Raphael (Chile)

Having been operated for carpal tunnel problems on both hands, I couldn’t work any more. The LEA 30.s enabled me to get back to working the vines and the MSA funded a part of the cost.

Marie-Pierre (France)

Excellent tool, we have two and are fully satisfied.

Jean-Pierre (France)

The LEA 30.s is very simple to use, fast and reliable.

Nicolas, 34 years, right-handed user (France)

No problems using the LEA 30.s!

Audrey, 26 years, left-handed user (France)

The LEA 30.s is really easy and pleasant to handle.

Nadine, 54 years, right-handed user (France)

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