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The limited liability company MAGE Application is concerned about consumer rights, particularly the automated collection of personal data. In an effort to ensure complete transparency for its clients, the company has implemented a policy covering all its data collection and processing activities, as well how the data is used, so that individuals have the necessary means to exercise all rights at their disposal.

For all further information concerning personal data protection, please visit the site of the French Data Protection Authority CNIL
website :

Continuing to use this site implies your unconditional acceptance of the following terms and conditions of use. The version of the terms and conditions currently published on the site is the only version enforceable throughout your use of the site and until a new version replaces it.

By virtue of Article 6 of French law no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, site users are informed of the identity of corporate officers involved in the publication and maintenance of the site.

Presentation of the site


MAGE Agri, division of MAGE Application, limited liability company with capital of €22,867.35
head office listed as 36 rue de l’Europe – 38640 Claix, FRANCE
represented by Marcel Lorini, director,
Listed on the Grenoble trade and business register
SIREN no.: 345 399 315
Tel: +33 (0)476 480 072
Managing editor: Marcel Lorini

Creation and hosting

The site was built and is hosted by pro-G media agency, 3 rue du Pré d’Elle, 38240 Meylan, France +33 (0)476 413 131 –

Article 1 – Access to the site

Access to and use of the site are strictly reserved for personal use. Please do not use this site and the information or data published for commercial, political, publicity use, or any form of marketing, especially unsolicited e-mails.

Article 2 – Intellectual property and site content

All brands, photographs, text, comments, illustrations, images (whether animated or not), video sequences, sounds and all applications used to operate the site and more generally all elements reproduced or used on the site are protected by applicable intellectual property laws.

Full ownership of all elements is retained by the publisher or its partners. Any reproduction, representation, reuse, or adaptation of all or part of these elements in any whatsoever form, including applications, are strictly forbidden without prior approval in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorised use of the site or any of the elements it contains shall be considered as violation of copyright and pursued in accordance with the provisions of Articles L.335-2 and subsequent of the Intellectual Property Code.

The site accepts no responsibility for offensive, racist, libellous, or pornographic comments made in its interactive areas. The company also reserves the right to delete any content contrary to the values of the company or to applicable legislation in France.

Article 3 – Site management

To ensure suitable management of the site, the publisher may at any time:

  • suspend, interrupt or limit access to all or any part of the site, reserve access to the site or certain parts of the site to a specific category of internet users;
  • delete any information potentially disrupting the operation of the site or causing it to violate national or international laws;
  • suspend the site to carry out updates.

Article 4 – Liability

The publisher shall not be held liable for equipment failures, breakdowns, difficulties, or disrupted operations preventing access to the site or any of its features.

The equipment serving to access the site is your full and entire responsibility. You should take all suitable measures to protect your hardware and your data, especially against virus attacks. You have sole responsibility for the sites and data you consult.

The publisher declines all liability for any legal proceedings against you resulting from:

  • your use of the site or any other service accessible via the internet;
  • your non-observance of these general terms and conditions.

The publisher assumes no liability for any damage caused to yourself, third parties and/or your hardware due to your internet connection or use of the site, and you hereby renounce all actions against the publisher for such occurrences.

If the publisher is named in an amicable or legal proceeding due to your use of the site, it may initiate proceedings against you to obtain compensation for all damage, indictments, penalties, and costs resulting from such proceedings.

Article 5 – Hypertext links

The creation of hypertext links to all or part of the site must be authorised by the publisher. All links must be removed at the request of the publisher.All information accessible via external links to other sites is not published by the publisher.

The publisher has no rights or control over the content of said external links.

Articles 6 – Data collection and protection

Personal data may be collected from a site user if they complete the contact form: first and last names, company, e-mail, phone, city, country. None of these data shall be used for marketing purposes.

Article 7 – Right to access, rectify and oppose use your data

By virtue of personal data protection regulations, users have the following rights:

  • right of access: users may exercise the right to access their personal data we hold, using our contact form. In this case, prior to honouring this right, the Platform may require proof of the user’s identity;
  • right to rectify: if the personal data held by the Platform are inaccurate, the user may request that the data be updated.
  • right to remove data: users may request the Platform to limit the processing of their personal data in accordance with cases foreseen by the GDPR;
  • right to oppose data processing: users may express their opposition to the processing of their personal data in accordance with cases foreseen by the GDPR;
  • right of portability: users may request that the Platform releases their personal data for transfer to a new platform.

These rights can be upheld by contacting us at the following address: 36 rue de l’Europe – 38640 Claix, FRANCE

or using our contact form.

All requests must be documented with a copy of signed, valid proof of identity bearing the address at which the publisher can contact the requesting party. A reply will be made within one month of receipt of the request. This one-month period may be extended by two additional months if the complexity of the request and/or number of requests require.

Furthermore, and since the enactment of French Law no. 2016-1321 of 7 October 2016, persons desiring to do so may provide instructions on how their data are handled after their death. For further information on this matter, you are invited to visit the CNIL website

Users may also submit requests to CNIL on the same site

We recommend that you contact us first before submitting a request to CNIL, as we are at your full disposal to resolve your issues.

Article 8 – Use of data

Personal data collected from users are required to respond to your request.

Article 9 – Data storage policy

The website will store your data for a period required to deliver your services, contact you, etc.

You may request to delete your data at any time.

Article 10 – Data sharing with third parties

No personal data are shared with third parties. Data are not collected for commercial reasons.

If you access personal data when visiting the site, you must refrain from the collection and unauthorised use of data, as well as any action constituting a violation of privacy or personal reputations.

The publisher declines all liability on these matters.

Data are stored and used for a period in accordance with applicable laws in effect.

Article 11 – Cookies

What is a cookie?

A cookie or trace file is a text file placed on a computer (PC, tablet, phone, etc.) and informed whenever you visit a website, read an email, install or use software or a mobile app, whatever the type of device used (source in French:

By visiting this site, cookies used by the publisher and/or third parties may be placed on your device.

On your first visit, a message explaining how cookies are used will be displayed. Afterwards, if you continue to browse the site, you are considered to be informed and to have accepted the use of said cookies. Your consent is valid for an unlimited period. You may disable cookies in your browser settings.

For mobile devices, please use the following links:

All information collected is used solely to monitor traffic volumes, type, and configuration.

Cookies Google :

  • Google Search Console and Google Analytics: used to measure site audiences.

According to CNIL: “The CNIL is aware of the need for a publisher to generate audience metrics for their website. Given on one hand the specific purpose of these cookies, and on the other, the very limited risk posed to data privacy by this type of processing in certain conditions, the CNIL has decided to consider that such cookies could be placed without the prior consent of the persons concerned. To benefit from this exemption to the requirement of consent, the CNIL nonetheless considers that all such processing must respect specific conditions to protect the interests or fundamental rights and liberties of the person concerned.”

The use of cookies is governed in France by Article 32 II of Law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 (French Data Protection Act), enacting Article 5.3 of Directive 2002/58/CE of the European Parliament and Council of 12 July 2002, amended by Directive 2009/136/CE. For more information about cookies, please visit the CNIL website:

For all further requests please contact us via our contact form.

Article 12 – Photographs and product visuals

Photographs are not contractually binding on the publisher.

Article 13 – Applicable law

These terms and conditions concerning use of the website are governed by French law and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts where the publisher head office is located, subject to the assignment of specific jurisdiction resulting from a specific legal or regulatory requirement.

For all questions concerning the site itself or our company and services, please use our contact form.

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