LEA 30.s

High-performance professional tying tool

  • Viticulture
  • Arboriculture
  • Irrigation

The LEA 30.s was recognised as a benchmark in tying systems for vines and other crops.

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An ergonomic electric tying tool that is fast, light (710 g), and ambidextrous. It operates five times faster than a manual tool. The ergonomic shape was designed to ensure the centre of gravity is positioned in the palm of the hand, preventing physical strains such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, etc. The tool features two motors which automatically push the tie in its leaktight sheath, enabling its use whatever the weather.

The LEA 30.s tying tool is used for tying up vines, apples trees, kiwi trees, raspberry canes, etc. It offers an excellent battery life, making it possible to attach 25,000 to 30,000 paper ties on a single charge.

We brought out a technical configurator to measure the increase in productivity:

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The benefits of

picto plus rapide
  • 5 times faster than manual tool
  • Left and right-handed
  • Ergonomic (centre of gravity in palm of hand)
picto reduction tms
  • Reduced physical strain (to hands and arms)
  • Light weight
  • Made in France
picto lien biodegradable
  • Bio-degradable ties
  • Steel twister
  • Tie application cycle time 0.566 seconds for 11 twists

Blend practical with attractive

Technical details

Tie spool protection


Tying tool




Protective sheath


Can be used left-handed or right-handed

status light




Protective cover


Ø 30 mm max.






Ergonomic strain-reducing shape


2 motors


twist selector


Ergonomic and breathable backpack

The LEA 30.s backpack sits firmly against the upper back to prevent lumbar problems and enable greater freedom of movement.

A robust, breathable fabric is used to ensure maximum comfort. The backpack features multiple ventilation channels to evacuate heat and humidity, enabling the user to remain as dry as possible while working.

Technical details

Tying tool

Maximum tie diameter

Ø 30 mm

Twist selector

4 / 7 / 11 turns

Power cable

Shielded jacket + Teflon tube + power supply


710 g



Attached to harness

Battery with status indicator

Li-Ion - 18 V - 6.4 Ah

Battery protection

Automatic shutdown after 15 min of inactivity

Battery capacity

25,000 to 30,000 ties

Charging time

6 hours

Tie spools

400 m / 500 m

Number of ties per spool

2,500 ties / 3,200 ties (paper)

Weight of pack when full:

1.8 kg to 2 kg depending on spool

Battery charger

Supply voltage

110 / 230 V - 50 / 60 Hz

Charge current

1 A/h

Storage case

Used to store all components: tying tool with backpack, tie spool, battery and charger, scissors and ergonomic harness.

Refill spools

Three types of ties: biodegradable, photo-degradable or PVC.

Tie spools
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Pack LEA 30.s + SAM 25

The LEA 30.s electric tying tool can be sold separately or in a pack with the SAM 25 cordless electric secateurs.

Discover our multi-function cordless secateurs.

Sécateur SAM 25

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